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Easily bring people together for important, small-group conversations.

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Activate your audience.

Junto is a platform for structured, small-group video conversations around specific topics.  

We’re like a fully-automated book club - we engage an audience at scale without any scheduling or facilitation.

Organizations curate conversation guides and invite their audience to interact.

Members participate in live, small-group interactions and support the organization.  

We believe connection happens in small, structured groups

Other platforms build audiences, not communities. One-to-many platforms, like YouTube, lack peer interaction. Flat platforms, like Reddit or Facebook Groups, rarely evolve beyond comment threads. 

Meaningful community happens in-between: many small group interactions organized around shared interests, like sports teams, book clubs, or churches. Junto enables and encourages participants to organize meaningful, live interactions.

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"It causes you to reflect and look at your own beliefs and hear what you say and reflect to see if you might be able to present things better and be able to bridge a gap just with your own words and feelings."

"It was a profound experience."

"The ability to move away from a shallow, team-sports mentality and start having conversations of substance."

"I just finished the entire experience and while it is fresh I wanted to tell all of you directly how incredibly powerful that was and how grateful I am for the work you do."

“The process was incredibly smooth and the conversation my partner and I had was beyond touching.  This was really powerful!

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