Meaningful Communities at Scale

Junto transforms virtual audiences into communities through authentic, live, small-group conversations. 

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Activate your audience.

Junto is a platform for structured, small-group video conversations around specific topics.  

We’re like a fully-automated book club - we engage an audience at scale without any scheduling or facilitation.

Organizations curate conversation guides and invite their audience to interact.

Members participate in live, small-group interactions and support the organization.  


Engage with webinars, live streams, debates and Q&As. Prompt members with clear CTAs, in-context.


Empower members to easily host and join small-group events.  Auto-moderation and interactive agendas keep conversation flowing and civil.


Incentivize participants to take action, recruit members, and model healthy norms through targeted gamification.

We believe connection happens in small, structured groups

Other platforms build audiences, not communities. One-to-many platforms, like YouTube, lack peer interaction. Flat platforms, like Reddit or Facebook Groups, rarely evolve beyond comment threads. 

Meaningful community happens in-between: many small group interactions organized around shared interests, like sports teams, book clubs, or churches. Junto enables and encourages participants to organize meaningful, live interactions.

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"I love the sense of community and group learning. There aren't any other services out there that create the environment of a university discussion section, which is where I always did my best learning."

Sean, Mechanical Engineer, Seattle

"Junto's conversation structure connects you with others who share your interests and instills a sense of accountability that typical online courses don’t, making the experience more gratifying and memorable."

Katrina, Art Professional, Miami

"Junto provides a safe, wholly-constructive forum to explore and debate alternative viewpoints - something sorely lacking in many other online places of discourse."


"I find Junto much more rewarding than just watching a lecture online - the format allows me to engage with multiple perspectives on each topic."

Saagar, Venture Capitalist, NYC

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